Curly Tree Whitebait’s Story


Tony and Moana started Curly Tree Whitebait Company, nestled on the historic Waita River  (about 10kms north of Haast & 120km south of the Glaciers)

In the mid 1960’s, Tony’s Great-Grandparents established one of the early huts on the river and began a whitebaiting tradition that now extends five generations.

Tony and Moana grew their company until Rob Hutton  saw the amazing products and from that point on, had to be a part of this story.

Enter Rob …

Robert is a qualified Engineer who has specialised in water reticulation systems most of his career life. As a West Coaster by birth Robert is leading the development of a Whitebait commercial production facility to be built at Westport.

Roberts’s career has involved a strong relationship between managing Engineering companies and designing and building commercial land based fish farms.


Rob Hutton at Easy-grow

With 35 years of water reticulation engineering experience, including the last 10 years fully devoted to Aquaculture/Aquaponic experience, Robert has proven to be one of the Countries leading experts in Aquaponics. He has developed a revolutionary new Urban Fish to Garden system that has already been rolled out into New Zealand schools as a fully integrated leaning system.

Since 2014 Roberts company Aquaculture Services has been directly involved with the designing and building of the first Whitebait pilot production facility. He has set up his own Whitebait farm at ‘Gardens of the World’ in Hope, Nelson, where he is also co-owner of New Zealand Land Based Aquaculture ltd