Curly Tree Whitebait Company: Shipping & Payment

Post and Packaging for the north island is $30 + GST per order up to a maximum weight of 7kg in the summer months
and 8kg in the winter months.
Post and Packaging for the south Island is $15 + GST per order up to a maximum weight of 7kg in the summer months
and 8kg in the winter months
This is for orders going to a
NON RURAL address. For orders over these amounts the shipping component will be automatically calculated at time checkout.

Because of the nature of our product being perishable we are unable to ship to a
RURAL address. For orders going to a rural address, please contact us and we will arrange a collection point closest to your address for you to collect your order from.

Due to the limited stocks being available only one BOX Option per address will be dispatched per day.
Some of our whitebait packs vary slightly in weight. Your delivered amount will always be made up to the ordered amount if this is the case.

Payment is by direct credit only

Curly Tree Whitebait Company
Kiwi Bank: 38 - 9020 - 0190754 - 00
Please use your surname for the reference

Due to the nature of our product, we make best efforts to have our products delivered by 10.00am still frozen, but Curly Tree Whitebait Company takes no responsibility if the products start to thaw out due to the delay in pickup. We have tested the freighting system and have been happy with all trials. Best results come from getting our products delivered to a business address as this freight gets priority and is usually delivered by 10.00am.


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