With several generations of Westcoast Whitebaiters in the blood one of us had to end up making a full time career working with this most wonderful fish species. In the year 2009 Curly Tree was kicked off as a commercial operation and from the old days standing on a river bank catching whitebait to today where we can now produce sustainably farmed whitebait, the Curly Tree story has grown into the successful company it is today.

Lot's of awards such as 1st
place "Commercial Stall Wild Foods Festival Hokitika", 1st place "Westcoast Whitebait Festival",
1st place "Overall Stall Bluff Oyster Festival" and TV shows such as "Country Calendar" have told of our story and give testimony to who we are today.

Relying on "The Run" being plentiful each year was a problem as the Curly Tree Whitebait Company continued to grow. While we enjoy the serenity of catching in the rivers, our vision is to improve sustainable farming of whitebait so the whitebaiters in the rivers can forever enjoy their time in catching a feed and we can provide top quality delicious whitebait all year round to everyone.


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